Do you remember to remind yourself that every journey starts with one step? And that the focus on what you wish for, must not take away the embracement of the moment?

I often have to remind myself about this, impatient being a great driving force but also my obstacle for a greater flow, for letting go and to trust life to unfold in front of me.
For years I have had the urge to be out in the world again and work more globally. Little did I know that my oldest daughter Soluna would be the driving force to make this reality. She got inspired to do one School year in Bali, and despite many obstacles, she never lost the hope that we somehow could manage to do this.
This also awakened my dream from her early childhood, about doing at least one long great journey with her. I was crying and crying, realizing that now is the time, and the tears was uncovering my hearts longing for this endeavor. We made the decision before having the means.

I had to do a massive studio sale as I was making things, and packing up the workspace of 100 m2 that I had for 7 years. And when I do work with Marmorino, oil-paint, acrylics, gold and silver, wood, ceramics, concrete, metal, paper, canvas, wax etc, and been renting out space to others, it was not hard to fill my time packing up. A place to put it revealed itself only two weeks upon deadline.
The journey seemed to move towards possible. Studio-sales went great.

How to solve the situation with our youngest daughter Indianna, was emotionally hard. Nor me or her father would want to be away from her for the whole period. So the solution was to split, I would often feel my heart burst in sorrow, just thinking about leaving her. While another voice comforted me, that this will be Ok, that the whole family has the ability to grow from doing this major break-up from daily life in Norway.

Soluna, Oscar (her boyfriend) and I have now found our home, we feel life gets closer somehow here.
Bali has so many great craftspeople, and are warm and welcoming. Sometimes I get impatient, my head saying I have to do work, have to sell. But I am mostly listening to the voice whispering that things will be all right, I will know what to create when time is there. I work now on establishing myself as an artist online, to create the freedom to do more creative do-good work, and that takes time and patience to acquire these new skills.
Webpage updates will come, and soon some new online endeavors. At this present time my works are shown in Monaco, and next week some will be at The Autumn Exhibition at Beitostølen. https://www.facebook.com/galleribeito/

Thanks for following me on this journey.
Heartfelt wishes for yours.
Thanks to photographer Gunnar Kopperud for this beautiful capture of my work.


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