New picture: titled “I am”.

What is a beautiful or a good life in your perspective?
Is it to be comfortable? Is it to be happy?

In mine beautiful is an existence where my choices makes me feel life itself. It is on the edge, not every second, every minute, every day, but moving with what excites me, going for my potential and my vision.
So to be beautiful it embraces challenges, up and downs, many feelings, insights, break through, joy, fulfillment, letting go, new focus, peace, turmoil, inspiration, emptiness, sorrow, fear, doubt, trust, beyond trust…and so much more.

Eight months in Bali has nourished my soul and awakened my global spirit again. It has been beautiful in my terms of good.
It is now a big part of a lifelong journey with my daughters.

What does it do to us when we limit our notion of beautiful to mostly be the happy parts?
And what is needed to be able to live more on the edge, and embrace the full spectrum of life, without loosing the feeling of being the pilot in it with a certain overview?

We need to feel our anchor, our roots and our inner core nicely woven into the web of existence itself I think.

It is not for everyone to buy flights to Indonesia before you have the means…and believe that you will manage somehow. We did!

To be true and live life your way is what matters.
It is about not letting fear govern your choices, weather your vision is this or that. Or if you have no vision, start to do small things that excite your soul. And existence will paint the full spectrum on to your canvas of life.

Love from Ane


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