Do you experience the gift of giving room for The Gap?
What do you need to embrace to be able to grow to new heights on your life path?
The Beginning of a New Year is a good time to renew or strengthen your focus.

In November I participated in a transforming Heart Healing iWakening retreat here in Bali.
By choosing to give more time and focus to the inner journey I released a big block in me.
As we all have our luggage in life, mine has made me carry a big ”responsibility” on my shoulders.
It has made me perform to great heights, it has made me push myself further and further,
a restlessness governed of always having to do more and keep things up.
When this survival-mechanism now has seen the light and has crumbled, I embrace it for all it has helped me achieve, the muscles I have built and the journeys it has taken me on.
But now it will not be the pilot anymore, and the new pilot will steer more from my heart.
And when an autopilot looses its grip, it is important to be in the Gap from where something new can
For me my release has made me be more on out-breath, I play more full heartedly,
I don`t always do as much any more and life feels more spacious. And when I have a lot to do,
I work from a place of more presence, with more joy and love.
I will encourage you to whenever you truly discover ”faults” in your system, try to see
their gift for the time it was there, give it love as you allow a new part of you to blossom.
I hope to inspire you to give love to all that you are.
As more light comes in, you will inevitably discover more of the “dust” in the hidden places.
All the ”dust” is treasures on your journey to grow to your potential.

Love from Ane.


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