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Are you a person that enjoys being engaged in the world? Do appreciate an extra dimension to what you buy? If you love art, and also would like to contribute to a better world, I have created a special project – Art for Change.

Why take part in Art for Change?

A long time vision to involve myself with native people in the world resulted in the inspired idea of creating Art for Change.

Indigenous people and cultures are deeply threatened, and with them their profound knowledge of sustaining nature.

I am dedicated through Art for Change to provide support for their cultural heritage, their traditions and create more awareness regarding the gift of diversity.
I have so far involved myself with Nanofasa in Namibia and The Moken project in Thailand and Myanmar.

Through Art for Change subscriptions I directly support well functioning initiatives and are developing projects that support their cultures and livelihood.

So how do you take part in this win-win project, and what does it mean for you?


By subscribing to Art for Change you will once a year get to choose 1 out of 4 uniquely designed pictures.

They are 21 x 21 cm, individually made on canvas; hand colored, burned and touched up with paint mediums. You will receive yours in the beginning of December-17.


The Normal price on my Icon pictures is $ 190. By subscription you get it for 650 NOK/ $ 85 per year.

It will be sent by mail to your doorstep, and then you can over the next years make your chosen collection of these Icon images. Along with this you will also receive a monthly Thoughts for the Tribe; inspirational letter.

Pick your favorite among these limited edition Icon images for 2017 by subscribing to Art of Change.

Payments will be made through Paypal for your own safety



These are the images from 2016, from which the pioneer subscribers could pick their favorite.