Through what do we naturally connect? Both art and nature can be powerful.
I grew up in beautiful nature in Norway.

Connectedness and gratitude for living on this beautiful earth filled me. When I started the journey into creating art this connection continued in the meeting with the many different materials. Believing that the energy I put into something will be present in the piece. I was dedicated to always be on a road of discovery and pursuing my very best. My fascinations of different cultures have taken me on so many journeys, always following the urge from my heart. It guided me; to Guatemala during times of guerrilla war, to India in all its splendour and multiplicity, to the totem poles in Canada and further on.

I felt humbled and grateful, connecting to so many different people and cultures. And the more I grew in my spiritual awareness and the knowing of what crucial times we live in regarding the well being of the earth, the deeper I searched in my creations.

I felt that if what I create does not connect us to something deeper something existential, then I struggle justifying my role as an artist.

Maybe it sounds harsh, but for me it was almost to be or not to be.

In the making I feel connected to an ancient and multicultural linage of spirits that wants to communicate through my creations. I am striving to bring forth their essence in personalities and uniqueness, being humble to this process.
The feedback from the audience has been incredible and my heart is filled with gratitude.

As my fire grew, along with the expressions I was a vehicle for, I put into action a plan to contribute more in the world.

Through My Fire Tribe Sculpture and images, I donate 5% of the earnings to Nanofasa, to the preservation of the oldest culture on earth, our ancestors. I`ve also involved myself with the Moken Project, supporting them to help the surviving of the sea nomads.

All my devotions are a part of the energy and spirit I put into my creations. And all this will be conveyed into the homes where my sculptures or images are embraced. They connect you, they remind you about your uniqueness, and they put you in contact with a full spectrum of your being. It is bold, it is strong, and it carries our vulnerability. Helping you to remember the stardust you are made of as well!

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  • Most Amazing work I have ever seen. I love them all. Iluana
  • Very beautiful! An important reminder of living life while the fire is still burning and gives light! Thanks.
  • The Fire Within, Each got it, we got it. Well Done Ane.
  • Just happy to be one weekend in Oslo and find this Amazing artist. Olga
  • Inspiring work, worthy goals, Worldwide Journey! Ross (Bahamas)