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Congratulations, you have made a positive imprint in our world through art!

By making this choice you are now a part of Art for Change, and making it possible for me as an artist to support great initiatives for native people.

When we invest in sustaining unique cultures, we also protect their profound knowledge of nature and sustainability on a local level.

This year 30 % will directly support the rebuilding of Nanofasa`s Barefoot Academy in Namibia. See: www.nanofasa.com

I look forward to share other projects that this support will enable, as soon as it is ready.

Yours individually made Icon picture will be sent to you doorstep in the beginning of December.

The spirit they convey will be a part of your home.

Thanks again for joining my effort to sustain cultural diversity and knowledge of nature!

Orders must be activated within the 30th of October for delivery in December.

Feel free to activate multiple subscriptions. Or you can order extra images from this year collection. You do this by sending me an e-mail to art@anesommerstad.com, with the number of the other Icon pictures you would like.

You are welcome to visit my new website for larger wall art or inspiration: www.anesommerstad.com