Whisper your dream, I will listen.


  • Height :175cm (70 inches)
  • Width : 137cm (53 inches)


$ 2950.00 USD

Ships in a tube.

Collage: Oil, Paint, Photo, Acrylic and Fiber on Canvas, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric) and Other.

I call my sculptures Messengers, they are travellers through time. With a mission to connect us to our true nature, our belonging to all and everything. The image of my 2 meter tall sculpture is printed on canvas. The canvas is the reworked by oil paint, several layers of vanishes and paint mediums. There is a process of more than 20 steps that takes me to the finished touch and expression. This journey in the making gives you a picture with many dimensions. The frame is made of my artwork, in acrylic and oil paint, and sewn edges of white horsehair.

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